Dr. Yong's treatments are fantastic and keep my body in good working order. Martin from Epsom, Neck pain and RSI


Helps me every week. No pain killers taken with Dr. Xia's Treatment.Diane, Back pain


Four months of pain in knees, treatment has improved condition and I am mobile again. - Penny from Ashtead, Joint pain


Over 12 years I have found the treatment helpful for various things such as frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and blood pressure. - Brian from Epsom


Dr. Xia is a highly competent practitioner with many years of experience treating various ailments. I found that she listened and understood my concerns with regards to the gynecological problems. The acupuncture treatment helped to control the pain I was experiencing from grade IV endometriosis. I had better cycle control and felt relaxed, not stressed. I am sure the treatment in part has helped me to have two lovely children. Thank you, Dr. Xia. - Natasha from Epsom

I came to see Dr. Xia faced with the prospect of pain-killer addiction, numerous nerve killing injections and an operation. With her treatment, I have been able to return to work and a normal life. I can not thank her enough. - Rory from Leatherhead, Multiple disc injury at lower back.

Suffered with Chronic Sciatica for 18 months, Dr. Xia cured me 100% and got me back to playing sport. – Phil from Leatherhead, Back pain and Sciatica.

Trapped nerve in shoulder, I came to Dr. Xia on the recommendation of a friend. Not only did she instantly free the trapped nerve, but corrected chronic back pain. I had had for approximately 12 years within 2-3 months. I have since used her care for various other problems, including irregular, painful and heavy periods and fatigue. I have recommended her to many people since and continue to be very impressed with her treatment. - Rosie from Sutton

I have now recovered my ability to sleep 7-8 hours continuously per night. I now have the energy to cope with my business without under stress - Tony, Stress, insomnia and very low energy

Itching stopped almost immediately after the treatment of acupuncture plus herbs. Dr Xia is “Magic”. Skin is now much better. Dr. Xia listens and treats the body as a whole, would recommend her. - Ann from Epsom, Skin problem, extreme itching

Dr. Xia’s treatments were very effective and have totally cleared all 3 conditions. I returned for maintenance treatments. Dr Xia is both highly professional and skilled within her field, yet is also a very compassionate, caring therapist. I have recommended her to many of my friends and work colleagues. - Padma from Epsom, Variety of menopausal complaints, especially troublesome hot flushes and urinary bladder stress, incontinence, swollen ankles